The institute promotes the development and use of computer methods and software tools for the study, simulation, and forecasting of environmental phenomena and pollution. The EnviroComp Institute also promotes the publication of a unique, new-generation series of environmental books in electronic format.

Electronic Books

Other Publications

Customized Environmental Courses via Remote Learning/Distance Education

The EnviroComp Institute offers Internet-based, customized environmental courses. After an initial interview to evaluate the competence level and the goals/expectations of the participant, we select suitable teachers/advisors, among our members and associates, and design a personalized course based upon a series of lessons with reading assignments, online interactions, discussions, and tests. A Certificate of Accomplishment is provided after the successful completion of the course. Please contact us for details and costs.

Future Goal: Degrees and Diplomas via Remote Learning/Distance Education

We are designing and producing environmental courses for remote learning. Our goal is to provide distance education in environmental sciences and, eventually, structure our courses toward the achievement of degrees and diplomas. We aim, in particular, at helping working students/professionals and graduate/undergraduate students in emerging countries. Our vision is to develop and provide FREE courses and educational programs for competent students under the umbrella of international aid plans and transfer-of-knowledge initiatives. For more information, see our Mission Statement on Distance Education.